Friday, 3 January 2014

Poll for response (UPDATED)

Thanks for your prompt response on this poll,...

Here are the results from the poll

Growing Wealth - 7 votes
Retirement - 5 votes
Post Education - 2 votes
Buying a House - 20 Votes

Total votees were 34.

Let us make a small conclusion here since the numbers of voters were only 34. So, from all of the voters, majority chosen buying a house is their priority in making an investment. I strongly agree with the majority since properties market were at a boom period as for now. Housing price hike tremendously and if we own a numbers of properties we could have a gain on capital after a few years. Yet some people buy a house not for the to staying in, but for rental purpose. This is a very brilliant and good idea in making money or paying your house debt/loan by others money yet the house is still yours.

House price depending on location and basic amenities around if may differ. The closest the housing area to sopping complex, bus terminal, banks, school, universities the higher the value of your properties. this is an advantage to you as the price and demand for this kind of properties like crazy.

I believe all of you have chosen and make a full consideration on it while making a vote. I'm happy you able to think of the good investment priorities. Let us make a new poll after this.

Dear Students, 

Would like to get your response on the poll below, The result of your response will help me in making my research reality.... do response on the poll below thanks and regards, 


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